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Some walls

b for money

Bombing for money Stavanger. Colab with Martyn Reed Nuart festival

Go ho ho

Go ho ho Kristiansand one layer stencil.

Go ho ho

Go ho ho Stavanger


Kristiansand 2022

Elektrisk Gatekunst Bergen 2022

Save the Wolves

Bombing for Love

Oslo 2022

Oilbaby 22

Stavanger 2022 Curated by Martyn Reed

Out of power

Stop war in Ukraine. stavanger 2022

Tribute to Per Kleiva

Arendalsuka 2022


Coop with the youth of Vennesla, Norway

Something to say

Coop with the youth of Vennesla, Norway


Nuart Aberdeen 2022


Powerlifter 2022 Lyskomponenter Kristiansand

Worst structure to paint

Like Me Fellesverket Kristiansand 2022

Sprayed in Tromsø

Small travel version stencil

Safe place

Work on UiA Kunstsamling 22

Deep in the hart Stavanger Curated by Martyn Reed

Sprayed in Stavanger

Eternal Love

KKG 2021

Donau Departing

For arkivet 2022.

Dam inspector

Kristiansand Ingeniørvesen 2021


Stencil and spraypaint on powerbox Kristiansand 2021

Spirit of Noway

Stencil and spraypaint. Kristiansand. 15. May 2021

Future Cermony

For the NUART Festival. Stencil and spraypaint. Stavanger 2021

Mightier than the flag

Spraypaint and sponges om wall. Commissioned by Sørlandets Kunstmuseum. 2019.


Spraypaint on wall Grimstad 2021

Maj Laudal and Mightier than the flag

Work for Stiftelsen Arkivet. Spraypaint on plywood box 2021. Kristiansand


Spraypaint on boxing sack. Kristiansand 2021

Merry Xmas

Mixed media. Kristiansand 2016


Coopeerative murale with youth. Workshop result. Kristiansand 2013.

Phone Calling

Stencil and dpraypaint on wall. Commissioned by Agder University. 2021

Hello - Goodbye

Mixed Media. Kristiansand 2017

Bombing for Love

Mixed media sculpture/fountain, Artlantic Wall project Belgium.

The end of the world

Mural in privat home 2019. Spraypaint and sponges.

We care a lot

Spraypaint and stencil. Kristiansand 2014


Stencil and spraypaint om wall. For NUART. Stavanger 2020.

Nobody is just what meets the eye.

Spraypaint on wall. Commissioned by Portalen. Kristiansand 2021.

What Horror

Spraypaint on wall. Krtistiansand 2016

Bombing for love

Bunker in blood and water. Performance with Helicopter and 1000 l coloured water. 2020 Kristiansand Foto. Jørund Føreland Pedersen

Just bee

Spraypaint and poscapen on private home. Kristiansand 2020.


Spraypaint and stencils. 2013 Kristiansand

How to make walls disappear

Spraypaint and stencils made from garbage found on site. Gadekunstfestivalen 2015


Mixed media for Gadekunstfestivalen 2016, Kristiansand

SLothing About

Stenscil and apraypaint on wall Kristiansand 2020.

On fire

Spraypaint on wall. Nuart 2019. Stavanger.


Photo: Dot Dot Dot



Norwegian streetartist.

Works mainly with stencils.But is curious about other techniques. Likes to focus on the situation and context artworks are placed in. Worked on and off the streets since 1984.

Made works on the streets of Kristiansand, Arendal, Grimstad, Stavanger,

Bergen, Oslo, Bodø. Aberdeen, London and Belgium.

Works both on commission and on impuls. Do you have a wall?

Also works as curator, fundraiser and printmaker.


Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder



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